Sometime In Nov. / Dec Of 2009

sometime in Nov. / Dec of 2009

Specific appt was set and Clayton was prompt, courteous and re-explained the process and procedures. He sprayed as well as "bombed" the dishwasher and kitchen/bathroom. Clayton also advised that if, after everything, we found additional insects to call and he...;

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Inspection Of The Attic

Inspection of the attic

We had rats in the attic several years ago. Exterminators and even Vector Control could not figure out how the rats got in. Our house was new, and the vents, etc. were all sealed. So the rats left. Came back...;

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Completed Termite Treatments

Completed termite treatments

The two jobs seem to be done well; time will tell how effective the treatments & repairs are. In the end A+B resulted in $275 higher than another highly reputable vendor (who was a toss-up choice; who I didn't choose...;

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