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Attic Clean Up May Be a Bigger Job Than You Think

Cleaning up your attic after rodents move in seems easy enough. You just have to get rid of the rodents and treat the area that was infested, right? Unfortunately, if you have an infestation, attic cleanup may require more detail than you think.

Rodents generally leave large amounts of feces, hair, urine, etc. in your insulation and other parts of your attic while they are there. This is why attic clean up is essential when it comes to making sure that your home and family are safe.

Cleaning only the surface areas during attic clean up is as good as spraying air freshener to get rid of a bad smell. This will only give the appearance that the problem has been resolved. Rats and mice make nests in the insulation and other hidden places within your attic. Any time you have a rodent infestation, it is best to replace the old insulation. It may be necessary to replace any wires or wood that has been damaged, as well.

Leaving behind even the slightest odor after an infestation could encourage other pests to make a home in your attic. Urine and dried up feces can easily travel through air ducts and walls, allowing them to get into the air being breathed by your family.

Rodent removal and attic cleanup can be very costly if you are not experienced. You may have to repeat some steps several times if they are not done right the first time. You may also have to take the necessary steps to keep yourself safe from the bacteria and odors you are cleaning.

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