Natural Termite Control: The Best Choice for Your Family

Organic and natural products are becoming increasingly popular with almost every business. Termite control is no exception.  Natural termite control is a lot safer than traditional methods for your family and the environment. These pest control products are made from plant and fruit based extracts, such as citrus oils, that have proven to be environmentally-safe pest repellants. A major advantage of using natural termite control products is that they don’t give off bad odors that could be harmful to you and your family.

Organic pest control products, also, don’t have side effects like other products. Other products use harsh chemicals that are harmful to the environment, you, and your pets. If these chemicals are ingested or make contact with the skin, they can be very dangerous or even fatal.

With other pest control products, you not only run the risk of having the chemicals get in your body through the initial contact, the chemicals can also seep into the ground or find their way into a nearby water source such as a pond or stream. This can cause a perfectly good water source to become toxic, leaving it uninhabitable for fish and plants and make the water undrinkable to you and the wildlife that around it.

One of the best things about natural Los Angeles termite control is that pests don’t grow immune to organic products. Insects and pests can build a tolerance, over time, to other pest control products causing them to become ineffective. This causes companies to have to use different and potentially stronger chemicals.

Don’t run the risk of exposing your family to unnecessary chemicals that could leave them sick. Contact Advantage Plus today and ask our Los Angeles termite control experts about natural pest control services during your free termite home inspection.

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