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Process of Termite Treatment from Accuracy Plus – A Pest and Termite Control Company

Accura-Foam from Accuracy Plus, Los Angeles – A  Less Toxic Termite Treatment

It is hard to leave home for days and also difficult to tolerate the odor of chemicals after the pest control job is completed. With Accuracy Plus, you don’t need to worry about these issues.  We are also aware of the usage of harmful and unsafe products that contain higher level of toxicity. Accuracy Plus understands side effects of these chemical pesticides in your home, offices and environment.

Pest control services from Accuracy Plus can save you, your guests, clienteles, friends, and staffs from annoying chemical treatments. To deal with termites problem, we always avoid  using unnecessary pesticides in residential and commercial places.

We have a unique product called Accura foam which is our specialized product to protect homes and commercial buildings. For local treatments we used less toxic pest and termite control solutions and you don’t need to leave your home during the termite treatment. Also, it produces less odors and it doesn’t cause any kind of roof or structural damage.

Accura-foam further offers two distinct products-
1.  Bora-care that protects the woods for longer time from termites. It has the unique capability which doesn’t allow pests to form immunity against it which ensures that you don’t need to worry for a long time for termite treatment where other products don’t ensure.

2. Tim-bor is a water based soluble solution. It comes in powder form which is resistance free as well as doesn’t break down. It is suitable for the existing structure whereas Bora-care works fine for pre-treating places which are still under process.

At Accuracy Plus, you get the best and suitable solutions to get rid of pests or termites in your homes. With a team of experienced staff combined with state-of-the art techniques we have been in the market with best solutions in pest and termite control for more than two decade. Only you need to give us a call or email us for a free inspection and quote. According to your convenience we will schedule a FREE inspection, that will include a workable plan. It includes details of our step by step process before commencing the termite treatment. If you don’t feel comfortable, no obligation.

Instead of spending time and money on other companies, contact Accuracy Plus to repair and rebuild the damage of your home as well as save thousands of dollars by preventing pests or termites infestation.