Environment Friendly Termite Treatment Los Angeles

We know how difficult it is to pick up and leave your home for days at a time and dealing with the lingering smell of fumigation chemicals. We also know that some termite treatment California companies use products that are unsafe for the environment. We care about the safety of your home, the people who live in it, and the world we live in.

Accuracy Plus not only cares about your family; but also your employees, customers, guests, and visitors. We always use eco-friendly, non-toxic chemicals when treating your home or commercial location for termite treatment California.

Accura-Foam is one of our specialty products that we use for termite treatment Los Angeles customers’ homes and commercial locations. It is environmentally friendly, doesn’t require you to move out for any length of time, we offer a warranty of our product on your entire home, it won’t cause roof damage and it is also practically smell free!

Within our Accura-Foam treatment we use two separate products; one is Bora-Care which offers long-lasting prevention as well as eliminates wood as the food source for pests. The best part about Bora-Care is that pests cannot build up immunity to it; therefore it is highly effective and won’t need to be redone several times like other termite treatment Los Angeles companies’ products.

The second treatment we use is called Tim-bor; this highly effective water soluble borate powder won’t break down and is resistance-free as well. This product can be used in structures that already exist; while the Bora-Care works best for pre-treating locations that are in the process of being built.

A termite treatment California company like Accuracy Plus is the perfect solution for your pest or termite treatment Los Angeles infestation. We have been in business for over a decade and offer you some of the most experienced and well-trained pest control technicians in the area. Give us a call for a free inspection or send us an email to set up an appointment for a free quote. We will serve you on your own time, give you tips and information as well as give you a well thought out plan of action prior to beginning your termite treatment Los Angeles project.

Don’t waste time and money on a general contractor – we can repair and rebuild for you. At the same time, we can assure that further infestations will be prevented which will save you thousands of dollars in future repairs. Call today to schedule your free inspection in the greater Los Angeles area!

Professional Environmentally Friendly Termite treatment Los Angeles metro area, California