There are people out there that keep mice and rats as pets. Not that there is anything wrong with that. What we are saying is that there is something wrong with that. Why on earth would someone want to keep a mouse for a pet? At Accuracy Plus Pest Control we are committed to keeping mice out of your home. The mouse and rat populations in Orange County are generally fluctuating, but this time of year we see an influx of the little beasts, as more as more mice come in to enjoy the winter by the beach. There is a population spike whenever a new restaurant opens also.

Unwanted Guests

Maybe you are one of those people that like to keep rats and mice. As exterminators we can respect that. Mice and rats are intelligent creatures that are one of the driving forces behind the food cycle. Just about everything eats rats and mice—owls, eagles, housecats, largemouth bass and even goats. Fortunately for the circle of life there will never be a shortage of mice and rats, which is why even those that keep them for pets eventually experience an unwanted infestation. Now, you may love rats and mice, but having a squad invade your home is just downright gross. It is like owning a Kanye West album. You really enjoy the album but would never actually invite Kanye to your home. If that were to happen you would be out of Courvoisier and Hot Cheetos and nobody wants that.

Eviction Notice

Getting rid of mice and rats (or Kanye) can be a lengthy process which usually requires a thorough sweep of your home to identify problem area where mice, rats, and rappers are able to access the inside. Once inside, rats and mice tend to find a nice warm place that offers ample cover but access to food as well. Many times they will be holed up in the pantry or a garage with a nice stash of food. Mice and rats breed incredibly fast and if you have one mouse or rat, it is a good bet that the whole family has moved in. If you have a Kanye problem you will generally find him on a velour bean bag sipping thousand dollar champagne. Once their habitats are identified our technicians will determine the best way to rid your home of mice and rats forever.

Don’t Wait For Colder Weather

Many people wait until they see a mouse or a rat to call Accuracy Plus Pest Control but in reality the best time to have a pest inspection is before a population is established. Rodents are not our only speciality. We take care of termites, cockroaches, carpenter ants, stinging insects, and any other creepy crawly. Simply give us a call and we will provide you with a free estimate for pest removal. Unfortunately, if you invite Kanye into your home, you are on your own.