You have to invest your approximately three days & nights in the process of fumigation. You hire the professionals or contact the termites control company like Accuracy Plus who will use different techniques to cover your home with snares and discharges an agent with caution at home. After that a solution called Vikane is being put into infrastructure by the experts in controlled and calculated amount. This amount can be calculated on the basis of dimensions of home, variety of pests & insects and temperature is also a calculating factor.

You have to wait for your fumigators to remove and clear the house area from poisonous solutions before you enter in the home. They also check the air gas density with their specified equipment, actually these are the equipment to observe the effect of solution at your home, if they found that air is not clear for breathing then they won’t allow you to re-enter into home. After their confirmation only you should re-enter into the building or home.

Fumigation needs an extra care, thus, do not try to complete this process by yourself because this process uses a gas called Vikane which may cause harmful effects. It very hard for a common person to handle this gas, so, you need a fumigator to complete this process. Also, it involves three stages at different time duration which can be only calculated by a professional. Accuracy Plus is the place to contact in Los Angeles to complete this process without any hassle.