Commercial & Residential Termite Wood Repairs

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How Wood is Damaged:

Termites damage wood by eating it. Termite colonies typically take at least five years to grow to a size that can cause damage to homes. Extensive termite infestations that have grown over many years and have been left untreated can seriously damage homes or businesses and even cause floors or roofs to collapse.

The extent of termite damage to a home depends on the type of termite that has infested the home, how long the home has been infested and the home’s construction type. If a termite infestation is caught early, there may be no damage or only minimal, superficial damage.

Signs of Termite Wood Damage:

Wood that has been damaged by termites is often characterized by rough tubes, sometimes containing mud or other debris. You may also see mud tubes leading from the wood to the ground, basement floor, hollow block walls or some other route to the soil. Remember also that it is not uncommon to find termites in wood that has also been moisture damaged.

How Termite Wood Damage is Repaired:

You need to fully understand the extent and location of all damage to determine necessary repairs. Careful documentation of damage is essential to determine if damage found in future inspections has already been detected and treated.

There are two main ways to repair termite damage to wood:

  • replace damaged sections of wood entirely
  • add a wood support adjacent to damaged wood

In most cases, the repair will be simpler and less expensive if you add a wood support to damaged wood. This type of repair works for many structural and non-structural repairs. Repairs that involve replacing structural supports are the most complicated. It is crucial that adequate temporary support be provided to maintain the integrity of the home or business during repairs.

If the damage is only cosmetic, it is not necessary to replace the wood. Sometimes wood replacement is the best solution; in other cases new wood placed next to the damaged wood is best.

How Accuracy Plus can Help:

Don’t waste time and money on a general contractor – we can repair and rebuild for you. At the same time, we can assure that further infestations will be prevented which will save you thousands of dollars in future repairs. Call today to schedule your free inspection in the greater Los Angeles area!