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Why rats are harmful:

Rats are a common problem in the greater Los Angeles area. If they enter into a home or business, wild rats may carry parasites and diseases that are harmful to humans and animals. Wild rats are more likely to try to escape than bite, so never try to approach one in a tight spot. A rat can inflict a lot of damage with its powerful jaws and sharp teeth. If you do get bitten then you should seek immediate medical advice.

Another significant problem is the structural damage rats can cause from their gnawing and burrowing activities. This ranges from minor holes in walls/doors/furniture/cupboards to structural collapse, flooding, electrical faults and fire (due to gnawing through cables).

Tips to be rat free:

The time to act to protect your residential or commercial property is before the signs (droppings) of a rat. Some simple things to stay rat free are as follows:
– Keep garbage can lids closed tightly.
– Keep yards and alleys around buildings clean. Dispose properly of all garbage.
– Do not leave pet food outside. If your pets don’t eat it, the rats will.
– Plant bushes and trees so they will remain at least 3 feet from your home or building.
– Cover all openings to your home or building. Rats can get into very small places.
– Roof rats get into your home or building from tree branches that hang over the roof. Keep trees cut back and cover any openings.

How to mitigate:

It is best to seek a professional when trying to rid your home or business of rats. The main reason for this is that when poisons are used, care must be taken so that they are not available to children, pets or other animals. Also, if poisoned rats die in hard to reach places, they can decompose and cause a very bad smell. Finally, extreme caution needs to be used to handle dead rats as well as sick or injured rats.

How Accuracy Plus can help:

Rat control is best achieved by combining rodent proofing techniques with a strong program of sanitation and professionally handled treatment. In addition to providing our clients with the highest level of customer service, Accuracy Plus is dedicated to preserving our planet. Therefore, we use only non-toxic methods of exterminating pests.

For help with your Los Angeles rodent clean up and rat and pest attic clean outs needs, you can count on us to keep families and properties safe and get rid of those pesky mice and rats.

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