I had both subterranean and dry wood termites.

January 25, 2017

I planned on seeing three companies. After I saw the first company, I was sure I was going to go with them because the guy had been in the business for so long and seemed like a straight shooting individual. Accuracy Plus came out last minute since I wanted it done so quickly. The inspector was great (Patrick). He explained everything I needed to know about the different types of termites I was dealing with. He then explained the options and the benefits and weaknesses of each. I never felt like I was being pressured. He never asked about the competition or what they were or weren’t offering. He stated the facts on tenting and how much gas would be needed to do the job properly. He explained that everyone got the gas at the same price and so pricing should be within this range. If it was lower, then a company wasn’t using enough gas, if it was considerably more, they were charging too much. After receiving his estimate and one other estimate, I canceled my final bid because I liked Accuracy Plus so much. Their price was better and what he was saying made more sense for my situation. The guys who did the actual work were nothing less than great. Polite, professional and got the job done in less time than estimated. The property was cleaned up after the job was completed. I would highly recommend this company.

Treated inside/outside of house and garage for any sign of termites and damage

February 11, 2013

John, the owner, came out to examine house inside/outside as well as garage for termite damage and repair.  I used this company several years’ ago and was very satisfied; however, before using them again, I checked in w/Angie’s list.  I told John  of this and my findings of a very poor review he and his company had rec’d.  John was completely honest and informed me of the one/two incidents and “his side of the story”  I decided to give him another chance especially since his examination and evaluation and cost of his findings were far better than previous findings and estimates from other companies.  John also had his workers remove and replace large piece of wood trim along side of garage which they also painted.  They did an excellent job.  John’s staff came out promptly and did an excellent job – cleaned up the job site – never would have known they were here.
I will definitely use John’s company in the future and highly recommend them.

Accuracy Plus inspected our home for termite infestation

December 11, 2012

They were prompt, professional, responsible,and businesslike at all times.  They explained our options, gave us good information to help us make a decision, and did just as we asked.  We would not hesitate to hire them again.

I use Accuracy Plus Termite & Pest Control for my pest control.

September 7, 2012

They seemed to know what they are doing and they did what they said they were going to do.

They came out to give me an estimate for termite control.

February 20, 2012

They were very thorough, and I liked the way that they wrote up the estimate.  They seemed to be able to give me some very good suggestions, and I will now decide to do business with them.

The quote was the lowes we received and they were quick

November 18, 2011

Our house is 37 years old and a termite inspection/repair is something we kept putting off.  Our neighbor got a quote from Pacific Termite and that made us get a quote from them.  Their employee came in, stood in the middle of the garage and after 15 seconds said  4500.00.  When Mark came out from Accuracy, his inspection took about one and 1/2 hours and he handed us a mapped out area of needs and gave us 2 separate quotes.  One for the wood repair and one for the termite treatment.  We were sold immediately.

Pest removal of bird mites and installation of bird

Clayton was very professional and customer focused. He truly understood our pest issue: bird mites. I cannot speak for any other pest issues, but for bird mites, I highly recommend this company. Bird mites are such a nuisance and Clayton definitely knew what he was doing.

After his inspection, he took some pest samples (that I had collected) to have them inspected by an entomologist to confirm they were bird mites and so he could use the appropriate treatment. He even recommended bird barriers to keep this from happening again. We were reluctant to spend more for the bird barriers, but we have an ongoing issue with birds nesting under our eaves every year and we did not want to go through this bird mite nightmare again.

There was a delay in getting the correct amount of materials (bird barriers), but that was after the pest control treatment and I was willing to wait patiently to get it done right the first time. On a subsequent visit, Clayton even did a second treatment (interior & exterior) to make sure the bird mites were all exterminated. He also had an assistant who did the bird barrier installation.

Prior to this experience, I had never heard of bird mites, but I know now what they are and how much havoc they can raise (especially inside the house). If you have any bird mite pest issue, I highly recommend Clayton at Accuracy Plus.

Foam termite treatment

September 11, 2011

They provided a topical termite treatment for my house.  I thought the overall quality and thoroughness of the service was good – my only complaint would be that they were late for both appointments (for the actual termite treatment, the technician called me to tell me they had “double-booked’ him and showed up 90 minutes late).  Generally I sensed that their employees are scheduled a bit overly ambitously for Southern California (for example, scheduling an employee to drive from North Hollywood to Newport Beach on a Friday afternoon).  But quality of the actual treatment was generally good – I would use again.

I used Accuracy Plus Termite & Pest Control

August 31, 2011

They were very good at showing up when they were supposed to, which is very important to me. They also cleaned up their mess, which also is important to me. The only one negative I had is that they left rat traps to make sure there are no additional rodents running around and they were not very good on following up to clean up the traps. I will use them again in the future.

I called for termite inspection and received at date within 3 days of my call

August 16, 2011

This company was strong possible choice. The one thing that they didn’t offer was painting the patio cover & gate when finished. The quotes from this company and the one I chose were very close, both offered eco-friendly treatment  but the fact I would have to find a painter really tip the decision to the other company. But otherwise I would feel very comfortable using this company.

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