sometime in Nov. / Dec of 2009

October 4, 2010

Specific appt was set and Clayton was prompt, courteous and re-explained the process and procedures. He sprayed as well as “bombed” the dishwasher and kitchen/bathroom. Clayton also advised that if, after everything, we found additional insects to call and he would come back to follow up as appropriate. He also advised that sometimes there were additional bugs found after a day or so which was normal but that they generally died at that point.The process worked very well, and the cleanup was intense from the bomb and spray. Unfortunately the dishwasher still had bugs and after they continued to come out for several days I called and advised the company of this. Within a week Clayton returned and did a smaller focused bomb and spray again in the dishwasher itself – which was within their 30day guaranteed period so no additional charge. Smaller cleanup and I am happy to say that we have had no problems since – now 9 months later. Service was terrific, both phone and in person. And they honored their guarantee / warranty with no questions. Very very happy- and best still BUG free!

This fee included complete inspection – outside of house and attic;

September 9, 2010

Went very well, without any problems. Everyone punctual and professional. Would use them again.

Company sent Patrick for inspection

July 27, 2010
The work was preformed timely and within reasonable price. They are a pleasant company with professionals working there. I would gladly use them again.

We had rats in the attic and this company took care of them

June 17, 2010
Everything went great. They were fantastic. They were very thorough and very anxious to please us.

Inspection of the attic

April 21, 2010
We had rats in the attic several years ago. Exterminators and even Vector Control could not figure out how the rats got in. Our house was new, and the vents, etc. were all sealed. So the rats left. Came back in late March. Clayton went through the attic thoroughly and found holes in the plywood base of the roof, which had been there since the construction of the house. Now maybe that is not a bad deal for a flat tile roof, but our roof tiles are mission style, curved. So the rats would get under the top of the tile, through the holes and bing! A nice warm home for them in the attic. Clayton closed the holes, not an easy task, then set the traps. His next visit was to remove a trapped rat, and on the third visit, he cleaned everything out and disinfected. Just before his third visit we told him about the bee hive in the block wall on the edge of our property – on a slope! – and he said no problem. Took care of it. We are in the 30-day guarantee period. No more rats. No more bees. Yay! Clayton is young, prompt, and professional. And because exterminators in the past could not find the roof holes, we are impressed with his thoroughness.

Completed termite treatments

March 11, 2010
The two jobs seem to be done well; time will tell how effective the treatments & repairs are. In the end A+B resulted in $275 higher than another highly reputable vendor (who was a toss-up choice; who I didn’t choose because of price and because of clarity & responsiveness in contract presentation.). Job B took only a little over an hour to complete; small (not large) wood pieces were involved. So, given their experience & expertise, now B just didn’t so major that they could not give at least a ball-park-quote in the beginning. At the time their recommendation was: they would repair whatever and as many as they could so it was best to estimate job B (requiring wood replacement) after completion of job A. Next time I will contemplate on such recommendation more. Their responsiveness was mostly though not always A for job A; then went down to B for job B; but by that time I was already locked in and pretty much had to finish the project with them.

They checked the perimeter of the house for holes where rats could enter.

November 30, 2009
On the first visit, they searched for openings to the attic where rats could enter. Then they installed traps both in the attic, in the garage and outside the house around the eaves. They returned a week later to replace the traps with new ones. A week later they removed the traps and closed up the entry holes and overlayed screens. The only negative involved the charges. When the appointment was made, the receptionist stated the price would be the same as last time ($220). However, the serviceman said they charge $35 for each hole they closed which increased the cost by $140. I still felt the overall price was reasonable.

Accuracy Plus Termite & Pest

November 6, 2009
They were very timely and they came out when they said that they would. They offered a guarantee and they explained that if anything happened after the service they would come back out for free. I like that they were able to take care of the problem. They were in line with that was normal for the servicing.

Treated attic, and one wall, for termites

September 7, 2009
All people I talked to were professional. Larry came to do the inspection and estimate, and was grreat. On the day of the actual work, the technician (Clayton, I think) was supposed to be at my house at11:00. He called at 11:15, saying he would be there at 12:30. Once he got there, he was very professional, and told me everything he was going to do. He finished the work, and cleaned up very nicely.

We had the entire sub floor

January 12, 2009

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