Joanna. H, Altadena, Los Angeles County

October 9, 2016

We have a very old house and rats got in my attic from time to time. At some point it got overboard and I felt that I needed a very expert company in Rodent Control to solve my nightmare. My co-worker has same problem and she suggested Accuracy Plus and highly recommended for their service. I found some good reviews on their website and also on Thumbtack and Home Advisor, lust to make sure I chose the right company. I called Accuracy Plus and they gave me a  Free Estimate after their inspector came and inspected my attic. The inspector was very nice and very knowledgeable.
The inspection was FREE and by far the estimate was the lowest I’ve found. Joe arrived slightly early and did a detailed inspection around the house and he found out every single hole and gap in my house and described exactly what needed to be done. I don’t feel any pressure and he didn’t make it a ROCKET SCIENCE or scare me away. As I have some experience of repairing my house, so, I decided to give a try by myself as he explained and I felt it would be easy for me to do it.  But later it turned out that I overrated myself in this area and the result was not satisfactory, I happily called Accuracy Plus again and they took over and at the end I got a RODENT FREE home. Great Job!

Janes. F, Los Angeles County

October 8, 2016

They were here in a very timely manner and both José and Tony were very polite and very nice.. They both went about their business and concluded there job in the time that I was told. Probably will use this company again in the coming years when these little termite buggers come back again as they always do.

John C., Los Angeles County

August 17, 2016

Joe did a great job and was very helpful. He also made some good recommendations about future work.

C.B, Los Angeles County

July 16, 2016

We experienced the devastating effects of finding out that we had bed bugs and Joe, our service technician was amazing! He came out for the initial inspection and arrived on time and he was thorough, efficient and told us exactly what we needed to do step by step to get rid of the pests. He also was understanding and patient with our questions. We set a date a week from the consultation to have him treat our home and we called him a couple of times with follow up questions and he made himself available, cheerfully, each time to answer our additional questions. He also gave us an extremely fair price and did a thorough job!! He was wonderful to work with and made a very stressful situation much better!! It has only been two days after the treatment but we have not seen any sign of those terrible pests……and with Joe’s educating us thoroughly, we KNOW what to look for. He is the best!!! Thank you!”

Ludyn T.

July 12, 2016

They were everything the reviews have already mentioned. Thank you for the service.

Sophie Y. – Los Angeles

July 5, 2016

Its kind a complicated making an appt. and getting a quote by calling back and forth with the office. Hoping they can make this process simpler. The service was completed in about 30 minutes (for both inside and outside of a big house, quicker than I expected). I have no longer found any ants inside my house and that’s very good.

Chris. R , Los Angeles County

June 26, 2016

We have 3 dogs and all of a sudden a few dozen bees. Not a good mix. The bees had to go quickly. And they made it happen. Awesome!

Susan. L,Los Angeles County

June 24, 2016

Professional efficient and nice! In the field or in calling! Great all around!

Cecile. S, Los Angeles

June 16, 2016

Jose arrived on-time to assess a suspected mice infestation in my kitchen. He pulled out the dishwasher and found nests behind the dishwasher and under the sink. He cleaned out the mess and placed traps. Accuracy Plus will be back in a few days to check on the traps. I already notice the difference in smell in the house, and I ESPECIALLY appreciated that Jose cleaned out the nest areas! Wonderful experience!

Sharon. S,Los Angeles

May 29, 2016

The service began with Joe’s friendly greeting. I recognized him from the YouTube video. He inspected every nook and cranny but found no bugs. I only had to wait less than 24-hours after calling for a free inspection. Couldn’t be happier with the experience! I chose this company because it has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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