John.G, Santa Monica, Los Angeles,

January 24, 2017

My exterminator was Joe. He was very detail oriented and very knowledgeable about bed bug activity and also very respectful to my home as he moved a few things to understand. After a detail inspection he made me confirmed that it appeared to be bed bugs. He scheduled the date and within one week my problem is solved.
After the job was over. I got a phone CALL from John Claypool, the owner. I was amazed with the excellent customer service from everyone involved. I hope I never have to call anyone about pest control again.

Ana. G, Los Angeles,

December 12, 2016

I needed pest control services at my house in Los Angeles, got the inspection from Accuracy Plus that was great! I called and they were the only pest control company in Los Angeles who was able to come out in less than few days. They offered an inspection that was free and deemed everything good to go.  No fee for consultation, how much better can you get? They also made some suggestions that are really good to handle future pest. I recommend their service.

Lisa. R, Culver City, Los Angeles,

December 8, 2016

I scheduled an appointment for pest extermination with Accuracy Plus  to determine if I had pests or not. I had bites on my body that looked like bed bug bites, but after reading on the internet about other signs of bed bugs, I read some articles in bed bug bites and found nothing.  However, I was curious to make an appointment with pest expert to see what they said. I was scheduled for Saturday appointment, However I got a call from the inspector and asked if they could come earlier Saturday. I love it!

Alissa. K Pasadena, Los Angeles,

December 5, 2016

To my opinion Accuracy Plus is one of the best pest control companies in Los Angeles area. They are very professional. I have pest control problem for years. I have some health issues in my family, so I was pretty skeptical doing pest control using excessive chemicals. I called Accuracy Plus and left a message for them. Within 15 min the owner John called me and I let him know my concern, he told me that he always uses less toxic products and they have their own custom solutions for treating pest. He came and investigated my house and WOW, within one week, I have pest-free home using minimum chemicals and it didn’t affect my family health at all. I am so happy that I found them via I off course recommend them to others for pest control in Los Angeles.

Jim. J El Monte, Los Angeles,

December 3, 2016

Joe was very nice and professional. He gave me a quote based on his inspection in my outdoor room. To start the pest treatment, he scheduled an appointment the next week. Jesus Christ, my quote was so much less compare the stuff we saw, 15 honeycombs. It took him almost all day to remove all 15 honeycombs. He did an excellent job and I knew I would trust this company again for bee removal or any other pest control services. They removed the bee very carefully into a canister and took with them and released them into nature. It’s been a few months and there is no sign of anymore bees.

Alex B Glendale, Los Angeles,

December 2, 2016

Accuracy Plus, a pest control company in Los Angeles was referred by a friend because we had a very bad experiences with a pest control company before.  I wanted to make sure that the alternative methods of not using excessive chemicals worked.  John from Accuracy Plus came out from the Los Angeles office, and was very honest and informative.  The technicians were wonderful, and really went out of their way to be as effective and helpful as possible.  They applied Boracare, a less toxic custom solution, with 2-year warranty.  I highly recommend this company. When it comes to managing pests in your home, there is no one else to call except Accuracy Plus.

Erica. M Alhambra, Los Angeles,

November 30, 2016

I personally wanted to give 100 STAR to Accuracy Plus, a pest control company in Los Angeles area. They have a highly professional team with amazing customer service with a capability of a quick turn-around.
I had an infestation of ants coming in from everywhere; John came himself, a very nice gentleman with lot of experience and walked me through his procedure as he took care not only of the ants, also any other insects that might be a problem for the rest of the summer. No ants were found in my house. Call Accuracy Plus, they will get it done!

Andrea. N Los Angeles,

November 25, 2016

As our house is 75 years old and as a result spiders and ants became our guests around the house, I use Accuracy Plus for my monthly pest control service and I also used their services to control rodents from my attic as I hear some noises there.  I am very happy with the outstanding customer service of Accuracy Plus. The people at the office always response to all my questions and they don’t rush me off the phone. Our technician Joe is there every month. They use GREEN SPRAY and are very cautious not to use excessive chemicals. I think it’s great that you have a choice between a green spray and a chemical spray. Their monthly service is great and they are always on-time, It’s just a peace of mind to have Accuracy Plus by my side to protect my home from any kind of pest infestation.

We love Accuracy Plus,

November 18, 2016

We love Accuracy Plus, a pest control company in Los Angeles. The Inspector John looks & performs professionally-neat & clean. My house is 10 years old. I had an ant infestation. John came on time and his team did a splendid job, very quick and detail oriented. They know their stuff! I don’t see any ANT anymore. They did an extensive inspection.

Rick M Burbank, Los Angeles County,

November 15, 2016

John, the termite and pest inspector, was very thorough knowledgeable. He showed me where the nasty pests damaged the window frames and in my attic. He answered all of my questions and assured me about the treating the pest. His technicians worked for 2 days and left my property very clean and were respectful to my home. They showed me the work they had done and I was very satisfied. I always advised to hire these Accuracy Plus and never regret.

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