I Had Both Subterranean And Dry Wood Termites.

I planned on seeing three companies. After I saw the first company, I was sure I was going to go with them because the guy had been in the business for so long and seemed like a straight shooting individual. Accuracy Plus came out last minute since I wanted it done so quickly. The inspector was great (Patrick). He explained everything I needed to know about the different types of termites I was dealing with. He then explained the options and the benefits and weaknesses of each. I never felt like I was being pressured. He never asked about the competition or what they were or weren’t offering. He stated the facts on tenting and how much gas would be needed to do the job properly. He explained that everyone got the gas at the same price and so pricing should be within this range. If it was lower, then a company wasn’t using enough gas, if it was considerably more, they were charging too much. After receiving his estimate and one other estimate, I canceled my final bid because I liked Accuracy Plus so much. Their price was better and what he was saying made more sense for my situation. The guys who did the actual work were nothing less than great. Polite, professional and got the job done in less time than estimated. The property was cleaned up after the job was completed. I would highly recommend this company.