Western Drywood Termite

Size: Drywood termites are about 7/16-1/2 in long, including wings, which are 3/8 in or longer.

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These termites form colonies that live within the wood they eat and are smaller than those of subterranean termites. Drywood termites do not live in the ground, do not build mud tubes, nor do they require ground contact, rather they infest wood with a moisture content of 12% or less and set up a home, or colony.

Drywood termites swarm, in dozens or occasionally hundreds, during September and October, typically at mid-day in warm, sunny weather (80 degrees F or higher). Structures hospitable to drywood termites can expect swarms to attack, directly infesting exposed wood first, areas such as doors and window frames. Swarming colonies will then move on to eaves, attics, and molding, eventually settling into any protected joints or crevices.

Colonies will often re-infest the same structure when swarming so treatment is vitally important even if the colony has vacated the premises. Commercial properties with exposed wood are at high risk for repeated infestations and maximum damage due to uninformed employees failing to alert management to the sight of swarming Drywood termites or evidence of an infestation.

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