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Accuracy Plus- Exterminators in Los Angeles Pest Control Exterminator, Termite Control Exterminators, Bed Bug Exterminators in Los Angeles and Orange County
Accuracy Plus, a quality exterminator in Los Angeles offers residential and commercial termite and pest Control for over 20 years in Los Angeles metro area!
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Locally owned and operated since 1994 Accuracy Plus provides termite and pest control treatment in Los Angeles and surrounding area with excellent workmanship and pricing. We offer personalized termite extermination service at affordable prices.

As your Los Angeles pest and termite control exterminator you can count on Accuracy Plus, a well-established termite and pest control exterminator to get rid of pest & termite infestations, spiders, bees, bugs, rodents, rats and other health hazardous animal off your residential or commercial property.As an exterminator for more than 20 years our friendly team of exterminators has been serving Los Angels and Orange County.

We Provides Services To-

Residential Properties:
Associations, Commercial, and Multi-family Properties

Residential Properties

Accuracy Plus is a popular name in Los Angeles and surrounding areas for its quality services in pest control, pest and termite extermination, bed bug extermination, termite control extermination, bee extermination. Our inspector will visit your home FREE of cost and give a solution to treat pest or termite or any kind of infestations. Accuracy Plus technicians will provide you with helpful tips how prevent future infestations.

Commercial Properties:

While it is a tough economy and business is watching their bottom line, there is no reason to let budget stop you. Our services are affordable and will save your property in long run. Pest control is important for the health of your staff and also for your commercial property. Once the pest infestation is out of control you lose thousands of dollars as repair cost and also lose the property value. Let us show you why businesses prefer our services above the rest!

We care about your health and safety as much as we care about delivering results. So we offer alternative, Accura-Foam, a less toxic treatment. We also offer localized treatments when possible, as well as preventative treatments including yearly maintenance plans, fumigation, escrow inspections, wood repair, and structural replacement.

Save thousands later with a LOW COST YEARLY MAINTENANCE PLAN now!

Termites migrate and swarm annually. Accuracy Plus provides an annual inspection and re-treatment policy. This annual inspection and re-treatment policy is not only cost effective but it actually saves you money down the road. Fumigation and wood repair will run anywhere from a few thousand to many, many thousands depending on the extent of the problem and damage. The following factors would impact the costs of fumigation and repair: the damage that the termites have done to the property, how long the property owner has waited before controlling or exterminating the termites, and the size of the property. The cost of the annual maintenance is a substantial savings over the cost of fumigation. With commercial buildings there are various safety and other concerns related to termite damage. The smarted thing you can do today is make sure your building is protected, now and in the future.

Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities. We do a final walk through with our customers, answer any questions you may have, ensuring you are satisfied. We are licensed, bonded and insured. Our references are available upon request. We look forward to serving you. It all starts with a quick phone call and a 100% free, no obligation inspection.

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Your # 1 professional Los Angeles pest and termite control company for residential, commercial properties, escrow inspections, as well as termite wood repair and attic clean-outs