Los Angeles, CA - Commercial Pest Control Services by Accuracy Plus- Accuracy Plus offers a comprehensive ECO FRIENDLY plan in managing pests in commercial & corporate buildings, office spaces, food manufacturing facilities, logistics, business offices, office property management, multi-family properties, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, hotels, restaurants, schools or any kind of commercial facility.

Your offices are as important as your home. They also get infested by dreadful pests time to time.

Pest infestation could cripple your business reputation and put your business vulnerable legally. If you have one pest or multiple pests, doesn’t matter, you need to take quick action if you notice any pest activity. Few pests can quickly produce thousands of pests within short time period once inside. So, it’s very important to prevent them as quick as possible. Quick prevention will save thousands of dollars in future.


  • Entry Points: As businesses or commercial building have too many entry points, those are the ways for the pests to enter to your business. Pest can invade your facility through doors, windows, vents, plumbing, cracks or holes in walls and floors, or via supplier deliveries.
  • Water Sources: Water sources are the one of the main sources to produce pests.  Sources like water fountains, restrooms, faulty drains, air conditioning systems, plumbing system are sources of regrow pests.
  • Food Sources: Pests reproduce extravagantly from food source. Places where food are stored or kitchen or dining or party area are the main breeding area of Cockroaches.
  • Small Cracks & Cervices: Rodents and cockroaches loves to live and breed into small dark cracks and crevices of the building stricture, door & window gaps and spaces.
  • Break Areas: Cafeteria, break-rooms are also the source of pests. As people eat there and it’s an easy place for the pests to find out food to breed. So an urgent protection is needed to protect you and your employees’ health and well-being.

Wrong Pest Management Treatment is a big gobbler of your profits!
If there are pests in your facility, it’s important for you to understand the importance of right use of pest management treatment process as an owner of the business. If you have existing pest management system and it was not done in the right way, could damage your property more escalating your more costs each day. Usage of the wrong materials and amounts in wrong areas can affect your business in the following ways-

  • Your facility will have severe structural damage!
  • Your customer will have negative experiences and review your business negatively.
  • You inventory will be damaged more!
  • It will transmit disease to the employees and visitors!
  • Your business will be notified legally or fall into law suites!
  • Pest infested food will create food poisoning!
  • You will lose skilled employees not having healthy environment!
  • Your business will get penalties and city citations!

Accuracy Plus, A Commercial Pest Control Company in Los Angeles has all the solution for your commercial pest control problems. Their highly skilled inspector will come and inspect according to Integrated Pest Management guideline and use an eco-friendly pest management solution called BORACARE to resolve the pest issues in your business while protecting  your employees’ health and environment.

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"I used Accuracy Plus for my termite and pest control needs. Joe took care of my spiders and was very professional. I was very satisfied and would recommend this company for their excellent service."

~ Gayle S.


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~ Sabina I.


"The people at Accuracy were friendly on the phone and eager to help. We got an appointment for the very next day. Jose came out to look at our house and thoroughly tracked our little critters by the mess they left behind. Not only was he excellent at his job, he was incredibly friendly and cordial. It's not a pleasant task, so the fact that he was so nice and willing to dig around was wonderful."

~ Todd B.

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