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Rodent Control
Rodent Control

Rat Control Specialists Serving Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Orange County

Why rats are harmful:

Rats are a common problem in the greater Los Angeles area. If they enter into a home or business, wild rats may carry parasites and diseases that are harmful to humans and animals. Wild rats are more likely to try to escape than bite, so never try to approach one in a tight spot. A rat can inflict a lot of damage with its powerful jaws and sharp teeth. If you do get bitten then you should seek immediate medical advice.

Termite Control in Los Angeles
Termite Control in Los Angeles

Best Termite Control Company offers Effective & Affordable Termite and Pest Control Services in Los Angeles Metro Area.

When you need cost effective solutions that really work that are both safe for your employees and the environment, you need a less toxic termite control from Accuracy Plus, a Los Angeles termite company people became more educated and health conscious, it becomes very important to us to offer an smart, less toxic infestation solution. It’s good for our planet, your company, and the health of your employees. Our less toxic extermination gets the job done safely, easily and without concerns for side effects.

Swarmer Termites in the Los Angeles Area
Swarmer Termites in the Los Angeles Area

What are Swarmer Termites:

Termite colonies spread through the adult winged swarmer termite, one of two kinds of reproductive termites for the colony. Even though swarmer termites have wings, they are poor fliers. They emerge from the colonies on colonizing flights during certain seasons of the year. After these flights, a male (king) and a female (queen) will pair up, lose their wings, and construct a small cell in the soil. There they will mate, lay eggs, and rear the first group of workers. Swarmer termites are the ones that are most often seen by home or business owners in Los Angeles.

Western Subterranean Termite
Western Subterranean Termite

Size: Subterranean termites are about 3/8 in long, including wings.

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Found in the Western states, from California south to western Mexico and east to Idaho and Nevada, colonies of subterranean termites usually reside in the ground, below the frost line, but above the water table and rock levels. Worker termites build mud tubes to reach and search for food sources above ground. Secondary colonies can exist and thrive above ground if a moisture source, such as a leaky pipe, is present. After swarming, a pair of subterranean termites will construct a cavity and mate within one day of excavating.

Commercial & Residential Termite Wood Repairs
Commercial & Residential Termite Wood Repairs

How Wood is Damaged:

Termites damage wood by eating it. Termite colonies typically take at least five years to grow to a size that can cause damage to homes. Extensive termite infestations that have grown over many years and have been left untreated can seriously damage homes or businesses and even cause floors or roofs to collapse.

The extent of termite damage to a home depends on the type of termite that has infested the home, how long the home has been infested and the home’s construction type. If a termite infestation is caught early, there may be no damage or only minimal, superficial damage.

Western Drywood Termite
Western Drywood Termite

Size: Drywood termites are about 7/16-1/2 in long, including wings, which are 3/8 in or longer.
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These termites form colonies that live within the wood they eat and are smaller than those of subterranean termites. Drywood termites do not live in the ground, do not build mud tubes, nor do they require ground contact, rather they infest wood with a moisture content of 12% or less and set up a home, or colony.

What we do

ssQuality Commercial Pest Control for Over 20 Years

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Locally owned and operated since 1994, Los Angeles Termite and Pest Control provides Los Angeles and the surrounding area with excellent workmanship and pricing. We offer personalized service at affordable prices.

ssSave Thousands Later With A Low Cost Yearly Maintenance Now

Termites migrate and swarm annually. Los Angeles Termite provides an annual inspection and re-treatment policy. This annual inspection and re-treatment policy is not only cost effective but it actually saves you money down the road. Fumigation and wood repair will run anywhere from a few thousand to many, many thousands depending on the extent of the problem and damage. The following factors would impact the costs of fumigation and repair: the damage that the termites have done to the property, how long the property owner has waited before controlling or exterminating the termites, and the size of the property. The cost of the annual maintenance is a substantial savings over the cost of fumigation. With commercial buildings there are various safety and other concerns related to termite damage. The smarted thing you can do today is make sure your building is protected, now and in the future.
Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities. We do a final walk through with our customers, answer any questions you may have, ensuring you are satisfied. We are licensed, bonded and insured. Our references are available upon request.
Your number 1 professional Los Angeles pest control and termite control company for residential, commercial properties, Escrow inspections, as well as termite wood repair and attic clean-outs


ssFumigation…A Last Resort But We Do It Safely And With Ease When Needed

Los Angeles Termite  offers fumigation (tenting) to its customers when it’s necessary. We use Vikane gas and utilize state of the art technology to make sure all of the gas is gone before you are cleared to come back to the property. We offer an industry standard two year warranty.


Los Angeles Termite combines safety with efficiency, using only environmentally friendly, non-toxic products to effectively rid your property of termites and other pests. We use Bora-Care or Tim-Bor products in our Accura-Foam treatment; some of the benefits of this treatment include:

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • No 3-5 Day Move Out
  • Warranty to Entire Home
  • Virtually Odorless
  • No Roof or Structural Damage

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Bora-Care is approved by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development as a primary tool against termites in new home and property construction. Bora-Care is applied directly to interior or exterior wood, either as a preventative measure or to eliminate termites already colonizing the area. Bora-Care penetrates deep into the wood for long lasting protection, virtually eliminating the wood as a food source for pests. Studies have proven that wood-destroying organisms cannot develop resistance against Bora-Care so the chances of re-infestation are greatly reduced.

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Tim-bor is a water soluble borate powder that diffuses into the wood and acts as a wood insecticide, fungicide and preservative. Ingestion of borate powder, or boric acid, causes the termite or other pest to dehydrate and die.

The borate powder can be used in liquid form to treat interior and exterior wood surfaces but can also be used in its original, dry state to cover and treat attics, crawl spaces, and wall voids. Most organic compounds break down over time but Tim-bor does not and therefore offers longer lasting protection. Best of all, Tim-bor is easy to apply, virtually odorless and tests have shown that pests are not able to build a resistance to it. Tim-bor can be used in existing or new structures and does not require an employee evacuation.

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I would have liked a confirmation on the appt. Also, advanced notice how to prepare for the fumigation.

tom r.

The service tech was very thorough and pleasant to deal with. He did a complete attic treatment to prevent termites as well as exterior treatment for other insects and rodents. He returned for treatment of bird nest infestation and stayed as late as he needed to in order to finish the job (even though it took him longer than anticipated to deal with my bird problems).
I will continue to use their maintenance service in order to prevent the critters and pests from coming back.

Nina E.

I chose Accuracy because I felt John was very thorough and knowledgable in the initial inspection, and his estimate was reasonable. The work was well done and the subsequent follow through is why I can really recommend Accuracy Termite. Five stars!

Michael B.

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